5 Ton Truck

These trucks serve many purposes from hauling freight, to delivering furniture, and moving households. Our trucks come equipped with tailgates for delivering skids and large goods to warehouses. We stock our trucks with the right tools for the job whatever it might be. Our fleet employ’s 3 5 tons daily with an extra for additional needs.

Pickup Trucks

We use our pickups mainly for hotshot runs but from time to time will use them for small deliveries and hauling RV & boat trailers. Our pickups come equipped with all standard towing attachments to build crates and load securing setups.

Trailers ( Cargo Enclosed & Car Trailers)

Our trucks can be spotted hauling all sorts of commercial freight on our 16-35ft trailers. Whatever your needs may be we can haul it!

Semi Trucks

Mostly used for large loads going far, we have a service range that stretches across western Canada. Weather you need LTL or full load we can provide a semi truck and the right trailer to suite you needs.

Our clients have needs big and small, sometimes it’s just a small parcel or a couple small boxes.